Mar 18, 2023 14:04 UTC
  •  US sanctions responsible for political, economic crises in Lebanon: Hezbollah

The head of the religious council of Hezbollah resistance movement has censured the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States on Lebanon, stating that the coercive measure are primarily responsible for the financial meltdown and political stalemate in the West Asian country.

“Is there any reason for the country's calamities other than the US and its blockade? The purpose of such bids is to force the Lebanese nation into capitulation,” Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek said.

“The honorable people of Lebanon will neither be deceived nor surrender. They exercise so much patience, and God willing, will pull off a historic victory at last,” he added.

Lebanon has been mired in an economic crisis that the World Bank has dubbed one of the worst in recent history, which comes amid sanctions imposed by the US and its allies.

The Lebanese pound has lost more than 95 percent of its value on the black market since 2019.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sheikh Yezbek pointed to the uptick in Israeli violence and atrocities against Palestinians in light of the international community’s silence and apathy of the so-called advocates of human rights.

“Why doesn’t the civilized world condemn the Israeli enemy for its brutal killings of Palestinians? This silence comes as the Zionist enemy has violated all principles, charters and international treaties,” he said.