Apr 10, 2024 14:38 UTC
  • Mearsheimer: Israel is basically out of control

Pars Today - John Mearsheimer, the renowned American theorist and professor, has described Israel's attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus on April 2nd as a major blow to international law.

In an interview with Glenn Greenwald, the founder of the Intercept website, he said: “Israel is, basically, out of control. When you marry this with what happened with regard to a humanitarian food aid convoy in Gaza you see that there are really no limits to what the Israelis will do. They think they're free to do pretty much whatever they want.”

He added: “We're talking mainly about the bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, I think this is a huge blow to the 'rule-based international order' that the United States prizes so much. The Israelis behave like rogues, and the United States defends them at every turn.”

Mearsheimer went on to criticize the US support for Israel's behaviors, saying: “This is not good for the United States. It's certainly not good for international politics in general.”

This university professor further linked Israel's motives for attacking the Iranian Consulate building to the defeat of the regime in the Gaza war and said: “I'm not sure what they are up to, it is hard to figure out what their motive is. One could argue that they're desperate, they're lashing out. Things are not going well in Gaza, things are not going well with Hezbollah, this is a lot of bad news confronting the Israelis.”

He added: “You could argue they are upping the ante, trying to get themselves out of this mess. It also may be the case that they want to drag the U.S. into a war with Iran, which has been a long-time objective of the Israeli foreign policy establishment. Regardless, it is certainly not good for the United States.” 

According to Tasnim news agency, the Zionist regime's fighter jets targeted the Iranian Consulate building on Mezzeh Street in Damascus on the evening of Monday, April 2. In this attack, 7 Iranian military advisers and several Syrian nationals were martyred.

Many countries condemned this attack, but the United States, along with its Western allies, prevented the adoption of a statement in the UN Security Council to condemn this crime a few days after the attack.

Since October 2023, Israel has martyred more than 33,000 Palestinians and destroyed their homes in Gaza.

The structure of the Israeli regime has been created since 1917 through the scheme of British colonialism and by allowing the immigration of Jews from different countries to the land of the Palestine. Its existence was declared in 1948. Since then, various plans for mass killings have been carried out for the genocide of Palestinians and the occupation of their entire land.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a strong supporter of the dissolution of the colonialist Israeli regime and the return of Jews to their original lands.