May 25, 2023 08:58 UTC
  • Putin says Russia, its allies bound to achieve 'a more just world'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given an assurance that Russia and its allies across the globe will be successful in achieving "a more just world".

Addressing participants at the 11th international meeting of high-ranking security officials held on Wednesday near Moscow, Putin slammed the proponents of Western Neo-colonialism, saying the exclusivity ideology supported by this group will soon be dead.

"The ideology of exceptionalism, as well as the Neo-colonial system, which allowed the exploitation of the entire world's resources, will inevitably become a thing of the past," he said, adding that there will be "a more just world" in their place instead.

Commenting on Russia’s foreign policy, Putin said Moscow is going to strengthen its relations with African, Asian and Latin American states in all possible ways.

"We highly appreciate the fact that Russia has many partners in different regions and on different continents. We sincerely value the historically strong, friendly, and truly trusting ties with the nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America. And we will strengthen them in every possible way," Putin told the participants at the meeting via video link.

The Russian leader cited current global instability, new international divisions and the emergence of new hotspots in different regions as common features of the new era.

"We see that the current international situation is characterized by increasing instability. In different regions, the former ones are expanding and new hotbeds of tension are emerging," he said.

Putin said the dire situation today is because of individual states that want to maintain their global dominance over others.

He said certain states completely ignore the sovereignty and interests of other countries and build formidable armies to expand their influence into other countries.

"All this is accompanied by a buildup of military potential, a show of force, unceremonious interference in the affairs of independent countries, as well as attempts to extract one-sided advantages from the energy and food crises fomented by the United States and a number of Western states," said the Russian president.

To meet the common challenges that humanity faces today, Putin said, Russia is ready to work with all those countries that are interested in creating "a more just world."