Apr 11, 2024 10:22 UTC
  • Occupation of Argentinian Malvinas Islands should end/ British colonialism's danger for straits

Pars Today- The world will not be calm unless the colonial pains end. In view of this, the Argentinian sovereignty over Malvinas Islands, Georgias del Sur y Sandwich del Sur and the maritime basin around it should be stressed by countries as an inseparable part of this country's national territory.

With the independence of Argentina from Spain, the islands of this country, which were part of the Argentinian soil, were liberated. Only a few years after this trend approximately in 1830s, then British kingdom attacked a number of the Argentinian islands, dismissed Argentinian officials, sent the locals to exile and changed them as Falkland.

Ever since, the Argentinian nation has called for returning of this territory, but Britain has not agreed even with negotiations on the islands.

Unfortunately, like the constant colonial trends, Britain has unjustified and unconventional presence in the island whereby it stages maneuvers and war-games which cause great tension in the disputed region; measures which are somehow intentionally separate from numerous demands of the UN resolutions and other international organizations.

In fact, in a seriously dangerous militarization project of Britain in the South Atlantic, this country has introduced a third security force to the Argentinian island since last year.

The British military presence is also in contrast to Resolution 11/41 of the UN General Assembly (Peace Region in the South Atlantic), which alongside other contents, calls on other countries, especially those which are militarily important, to act carefully and respect the South Atlantic region as it has been remembered a region of peace and cooperation, particularly through decrease and likely omission of their military presence in the region.

Apart from the British refusal to fulfill the commitment of resumption of talks on the issue of Argentina's sovereignty, this colonial country is also taking unilateral measures. These measures include exploration and exploitation of natural reversible and irreversible resources of the Argentinian nation in the region.

Nevertheless, Argentina, out of self-restraint, has ruled out resorting to force and has always expressed its inclination to bilateral talks as a means to achieve a peaceful solution for the conflict.  

More than 40 years have passed since the war between Argentina and Britain over the Malvinas Islands. Fortunately, this South American country has not stopped the continuous struggle to regain "full sovereignty" over the entire territory of the Argentine nation.

The dispute between Britain and Argentina over the Malvinas Islands (with the colonial name of Falkland) has a history of nearly two centuries. More precisely, the dispute goes back to 1820. Despite the distance of more than 12,000 kilometers from London to the disputed islands, Britain claims that a British sailor first discovered the islands in 1592 and almost a century later in 1690, the first British set foot on the said islands.

Interestingly, Britain uses the colonial expression of “discovery”. It is as if the original people were lost there and the Europeans brought them back to the world and humanity by discovering them.

Experts believe that the main purpose of the British occupation of the Malvinas Islands is to control this strait, which is considered one of the five strategic straits in the world.

Based on its sovereignty over these islands, Britain claims to own a large part of Antarctica and the fisheries of this region. The existence of oil and gas reserves in parts of the islands’ coastal waters has added to the strategic position of these islands, and access to the rich energy resources of this region has made Britain continue this dominance left over from the old colonial era.

 The photo of the location of the Malvinas Islands, under the British occupation. In this way, Britain seeks to dominate the important Strait of Magellan (the strait between the Malvinas Islands and the rest of the South American continent).

The Falkland Islands in English and Islas Malvinas (The Malvinas Islands) in Spanish is an archipelago in South America located in the South Atlantic Ocean, and its center is the city of "Stanley".

This area includes two large and important islands, East Falkland and West Falkland, and nearly 776 small islands that have a total area of ​​12,173 square kilometers and are located at a distance of 483 kilometers from the eastern coast of Argentina. The distance between the British colonists and these islands is more than 12 thousand kilometers.

Of course, and fortunately, with the growth of awareness in the world and the pressure on the old colonialists, the British colonialism in the Malvinas Islands will end and these islands will be brought back to their original owners; and this requires the cooperation of the freedom-seeking countries in the world.

One of the reasons for Iran's serious support for the freedom of the Malvinas Islands is to reduce the colonial domination and move the world towards greater stability and peace.