Jun 18, 2024 06:32 UTC
  • Leader of French Patriots Party: NATO dragging world to WWIII

Pars Today - Leader of France's Patriots party, Florian Philoppot, called on the Europeans to wake up and warned, "NATO is dragging the world towards the third World War.

As the rightist party has gained popularity in Europe, especially the relative success of this party in the recent European Parliament elections, now they have entered the political arenas of different countries of the continent, particularly France, more than ever. Most of these parties are separatist and call for exit from the EU and NATO. According to Pars Today, Philippot, leader of the Patriots party of France, has thus officially called for awakening of the European people and Paris' exit from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU). He stressed, "France is in the risk of extinction and if we ourselves do not wake up, this awakening will eventually happen, but it will be much crueler and painful."

He, addressing the French people, wrote in his personal page on Facebook, "Let's forget the political circus of France and President Emanuel Macron. The statements of the NATO leaders imply that they are dragging the world towards WWIII."

The warning of France's Patriots party is raised while NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, stressing that NATO is an atomic alliance, said, "The North Atlantic Treaty Organization holds consultations for preparation of nuclear weapons." 

Without touching upon the details of this issue, he said that the NATO member states have done consultations on the need to get prepared for nuclear weapons.

Stoltenberg then emphasized on the aim of NATO to have a world free of nuclear weapons, and reiterated, "As long as there are nuclear weapons in the world, we won't remain an atomic alliance, either."


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