May 18, 2024 13:49 UTC
  • 8-trillion dollar crisis: Internal violence eruption stemming from US external warmongering

Pars Today- During the recent years, many angry Americans can be seen who attack immigrants and carry arms to defend themselves.

In the recent years, many Americans have spent their leisure time on activities which are originated in fear of foreign and domestic fears in one way or another. People spend their weekends in shooting exercises and camouflage paintings on their faces.

They do these things not just for amusement but as preparation against likely threats of immigrants. These people often have weapons and carry them even in job appointments and daily joggings.

Such persons, who are mainly the white inhabitants of rural regions, suffer from loneliness and inability to contact with others. These feelings have caused them to feel themselves less American and, consequently, less safe.

In 2019, even before the Covid-19 epidemic, social researchers and public officials had noticed the upsurge of the number of Americans who considered themselves lonely. Nearly three out of five people in the rural regions, especially among the elderly, had this feeling.

These feelings not only impact the physical health of individuals, but also increase cordial diseases, addiction, depression, and proclivity to suicide. In other words, weak social relations drag them towards destruction.

During the recent years, many angry Americans can be seen who attack immigrants and carry arms to defend themselves. These people often isolate themselves at home or with personal activities. Trump and his advocates are mostly among these groups who feel that they have been separated from society and have been trapped in anger due to loneliness.

Trump's supporters, who are mostly white elderly residing in rural regions, identify themselves in their gatherings and chant common slogans. These gatherings give them the sense of a new society where they are not lonely.

Famous German-American philosopher, Hana Arendt, had said on totalitarian movements, "The individuals who feel to be useless and isolated, join such movements. In fact, Trump and the leaders accompanying him have exploited the feeling of loneliness in individuals and turned it into a social movement."

In addition, it should be known that the gargantuan expenses of wars and the American military budget, instead of investment in social programs and improvement of living quality of the American people, have also fomented the surge of loneliness and isolation. The project of war expenses in Brown University have shown that over $8 trillion have been spent on wars, while, these budgets could be appropriated for improvement of the American people's life and reduction of their loneliness and isolation. Finally, it must be said that if social and budgetary priorities do not change in the US, and instead of wars, social needs are not heeded, loneliness and fury of the American people can be expected to set this country in a great fire.

Source: Shooting Alone: America's Social Priorities Shaped 2024 Mazzarino, Andrea. by Decades of War. TomDispatch.