Feb 18, 2024 06:19 UTC
  • New Iranian air defense system very agile: Defense minister

The new air defense missile system that Iran unveiled on Saturday is so nimble that its operational preparedness time is below three minutes, Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said.

After unveiling the ‘Arman’ anti-ballistic air defense missile system, the defense minister said the agile system can be prepared for operation in less than three minutes.

The tactical system is employed for mid-range high-altitude operations, the general noted, adding that Arman can detect targets at a distance of 180 kilometers and engage them in a range of 120 kilometers.

Arman, also known as ‘Tactical Sayyad’, is furnished with a short-range self-protection system in one of its silos that makes the weapon immune to low-altitude threats.

Brigadier General Ashtiani also pointed to another achievement unveiled in the ceremony, saying the ‘Azarakhsh’ low-altitude missile system is designed to protect the country’s vital and important centers against hostile drones and micro air vehicles (MAVs).

He noted that Azarakhsh can be installed on various vehicles and carry out round-the-clock operations to bring down diverse targets thanks to its advanced 3-dimensional radar system, optical search mechanism, and advanced seekers.

Iran for the first time showcased a replica of the Tactical Sayyad air defense system at the International Military Forum ARMY-2023 in Russia in August 2023.