Apr 12, 2024 15:22 UTC
  • Iranian missile power, a nightmare for the Zionist regime
    Iranian missile power, a nightmare for the Zionist regime

Pars Today - After the Zionist regime's crime in attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the shadow of Iran's response to this crime weighs heavily on Israel.

Based on international law, any attack on diplomatic premises gives the right to reciprocal action based on international laws. This is why high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have promised a severe and regretful response.

In this regard, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei on Wednesday morning, in his Eid al-Fitr prayers sermon, referring to the Israeli regime's attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, emphasized: "In the international norm, an attack on a consulate or embassy of any country is considered an attack on the territory of that country, and the evil Zionist regime must be punished for this crime and will be punished.”

Iran's long-range ballistic missiles, which have turned into a nightmare for Zionist officials in recent years, are now one of the most important options for the Islamic Republic to respond to the recent terrorist attack in Damascus.

The US Department of Defense has described Iran's missile capability as the largest missile force in the West Asia region, consisting of various types of missiles. In this article, we introduce 9 state of the art, Israel-smashing missiles, made in Iran:

Khorramshahr-4 (Kheibar) Missile

1. Khorramshahr-4 (Kheibar) Missile

Range: 2,000 km

Length: 13 m

Diameter: 1.5 m

Weight: 30 tons

Warhead Weight: 1,500 kg

Speed: 16 Mach outside the atmosphere / 8 Mach inside the atmosphere

Hajj Qassem Missile

2. Hajj Qassem Missile

Range: 1,400 km

Length: 11 m

Diameter: 85-95 cm

Weight: 7 tons

Warhead Weight: 500 kg

Speed: 5 Mach

Kheibar Shekan Missile

3. Kheibar Shekan Missile

Range: 1,450 km

Length: 10.5 m 

Diameter: 800 mm

Weight: 4,500 kg

Warhead Weight: 500 kg

Speed: Over 5,000 km/h

Sejjil Missile

4. Sejjil Missile

Range: 2,000-2,500 km

Length: 17.57 m

Diameter: 1.25 m

Weight: 23 tons

Warhead Weight: Over 500 kg

Speed: 12-14 Mach

Paveh Missile

5. Paveh Missile

Range: 1,650 km

Flight Altitude: Less than 50 m

Speed: 600-900 km/h

Fattah-2 Missile

6. Fattah-2 Missile

Range: Over 1,400 km

Length: 12 m

Diameter: Section 1: 80 cm / Section 2: 50 cm

Weight: 3,500-4,100 kg

Warhead Weight: 500 kg

Speed: 5 Mach

Qadr (Tripartite) Missile

7. Qadr (Tripartite) Missile

Range: Up to 1,950 km

Length: 15.5-16.5 m

Diameter: 1.25 m

Weight: Up to 17,480 kg

Warhead Weight: 700-1,000 kg

Speed: Around 9 Mach

Emad Missile

8. Emad Missile

Range: Around 1,700 km

Length: 15.5 m

Diameter: 2.18 m

Weight: 1,750 kg

Shahab-3 Missile

9. Shahab-3 Missile

Range: Around 2,000 km

Length: Around 16 m

Diameter: 1.2 m

Weight: 1,780 kg