Apr 16, 2024 09:55 UTC
  • Tehran University ranked first in management, architecture, second in mechanics, civil engineering among West Asia universities

Pars Today - According to the 2024 edition of the SCIMAGO ranking, the University of Tehran is among the top 10 universities in the West Asia region.

The SCIMAGO ranking is considered one of the most comprehensive global ranking systems for public and private educational, research, and healthcare institutions. Research, innovation, and social impact are the three dimensions covered by the 20 key evaluation indicators in this system.

In addition to the overall/comprehensive ranking, SCIMAGO also evaluates and ranks the institutions and universities of the world from a subject-specific perspective. Based on the latest 2024 edition of the SCIMAGO subject-wise ranking, the University of Tehran has secured the top position in West Asia in the fields of "Business, Management, and Accounting", "Atmospheric Science", and "Architectural Engineering". It has ranked second in the region in the areas of "Forestry", "Geology", "Civil and Structural Engineering", "Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering", "Mechanical Engineering", and "Geography, Planning and Development". The university has also achieved the third rank in West Asia in "Space Science and Planetary Science", "Economics, Econometrics and Finance", and "Building and Construction".

According to the 2024 edition of this ranking, the University of Tehran is among the top 50 universities globally in the academic fields of "Business, Management and Accounting" and "Architectural Engineering".

The SCIMAGO laboratory has included 197 Iranian institutions (from the public, healthcare, higher education, and private sectors) among the leading institutions worldwide in its 2024 edition.