Apr 24, 2024 14:05 UTC
  • Imam Khamenei: The valorous Iranian nation will never submit to the US
    Imam Khamenei: The valorous Iranian nation will never submit to the US

Pars Today- Imam Khamenei, addressing thousands of laborers on Wednesday morning, described the main goal of the US and the West's sanction and pressure on Iran to force the nation and the Islamic system to submit and stressed, "The great and deeply-rooted Iranian nation and the Islamic system do not submit to bullying and excessive demands and, turning the sanctions into opportunities of progress and flourishing, they will achieve the bright future horizon."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, "They want Iran's wealth, reputation and policies, like some countries, be in the hand of the US. But, it is impossible for the Islamic system, Islamic honor and the great and deeply-rooted Iranian nation to submit to their bullying."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader considered it impossible to speak of economic issues without heeding the sanctions which are "unprecedented" in the words of the Americans and Europeans, and said, "As for the goals of enforcing sanctions against Iran, the Westerners mendaciously raise issues such as nuclear weapons, human rights and support for terrorism."

Clarifying the contradiction and false pretexts of the Westerners, he referred to the example of Gaza, and went on to say, "In their view, the bombarded people of Gaza are terrorists, but the wicked, fabricated and ruthless Zionist government, which has massacred nearly 40 thousand people, including thousands of children in six months, is not terrorist."

The laborers' visit with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Imam Khamenei, in continuation, pointed to his speech several years ago on the nuclear issue and, explaining that the Americans should make it clear to what extent they will be content with Iran's retreat in the nuclear issue, stated, "They are never ready to specify this extent because they want, through step by step advancement, eventually dismantle and close down the country's nuclear equipment, like that North African country; whereas different sections of the country, like health, medicine and other fields are in need of the results of nuclear activities."

The Leader described sanctions the cause of harm for the country's economy and creation of economic problems, but added, "These very sanctions have also caused thriving of talents and emergence of capacities inside the country."

Iranian women laborers

He called arms progresses as an example of turning sanctions into opportunities and reiterated, "This progress, which appeared somewhere, has astonished all enemies as, how the Islamic Iran has managed to produce this many weapons in the conditions of sanction."

"God willing, more and better and more advanced arms will also be produced. Of course, the progresses are not limited to arms and in other various sections, such as medicine, health and some industrial and engineering sections, Iran is among the pioneers and prominent [countries] in the world; although in some sections we are behind in which we will also make progress in case of effort and labor," continued the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

A woman laborer holds the Leader's picture in her hand

Imam Khamenei considered sanctions to lose effect gradually, and said, "Recently, in a report of the international sources, it was pointed to the increase of Iran's GDP which means that it is being worked more and better in the country; there is no hope in the overseas and the sanctions have failed to hamstring Iran, and this spirit should be strengthened in the country."

During this visit, the Leader also pointed to the demonstrations and rallies of nations in support for Palestinians and hoisting the flags of Palestine and Hezbollah in the streets of Europe and the US; and calling the allegations on the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for terrorism because of backing the innocent Gazans as a scandal for the allegers, and said, "Now, not only the Iranian nation but also all nations are supporting Palestine."

To sum up his speech, Imam Khamenei stated, "It should be clear and it is clear for the Iranian nation that the reason for enmity of bullies are not the lies that they fabricate. It is rather because the independent Iran does not capitulate to their bullying and is not intent to follow their failed, backward, frustrated, and anti-divine values and anti-human nature policies; the policies which, as admitted by some Western analysts, are destroying the US' 200-year credit."

He emphasized that expecting an old and deeply-rooted nation to follow these failed policies is useless, and continued, "The Iranian nation is standing firmly and we should show standing in our action, work, research and national unity. In that case, and with shunning laziness and indolence, out of the hardships and imposed troubles of ill-wishers more opportunities and successes will emerge for progress and the Iranian nation, with God's grace, will reach the future bright horizon."

During this visit, the Leader, also, sincerely thanking the endeavor, modesty and labor of the laborers' community, called the Prophet's kissing of a worker's hand as the highest veneration of labor and laborer, and reiterated, "Islam deems natural value and respect for work and action and, based on the teachings of the Qur'an and hadith, everyone's effort for halal sustenance and for winning halal bread, like other worships, is considered a righteous deed."

An Iranian young laborer in today's visit

He called it an important necessity for the public to pay attention to "Islam's view on labor and laborer" which sets the ground for the country's progress, and added, "The materialistic world attaches importance to a laborer only as an instrument for producing wealth. But, Islam, owing to attaching basic value to labor, considers laborer with natural value so much so that in the words of the Prophet (SAWA), God loves he who does his job accurately, precisely and firmly."