Jun 12, 2024 12:36 UTC
  • After years of lies against Iran, Ukrainian airline announced as guilty of air crash

Pars Today- Canadian court finally announced that the Ukrainian International Airline (UIA) was guilty of the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran in January 2020 and has to pay the indemnity.

The Canadian court investigating the Ukrainian air crash in Iran has issued its ruling. According to Pars Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in retaliation for the American missile attack on the commander of anti-terrorism combat in West Asia, Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and his companions near Baghdad airport, targeted the American airbase Ain al-Asad in Iraq with 15 missiles on January 8, 2020.

While the tensions between Iran and the US were rapidly increasing, a Boeing airplane belonging to the Ukrainian international airline, with the flight number of 752 carrying 167 passengers and 9 crew, left Imam Khomeini airport for Kiev. 6 minutes later, an unintentional shooting of a missile of the Iranian air defense shot down the plane and all of the passengers onboard were killed.

The supreme court of Ontario, Canada, has distinguished the Ukrainian airline guilty due to inattention with regards to the security and safety warnings to passengers and called it responsible for paying full indemnity to the bereaved families. The Canadian court announced:

The Ukrainian airline company should have considered that Tehran, due to military and defensive regulations, was in full alert for the likely American response on that day; hence, every flight within the boundary of military clash could be interpreted as a military target or trap.

According to the ruling, the representatives of the Ukrainian airline company cannot restrict the indemnity for the families of the victims to their desired early amount of $180 thousand for every victim. The court has ruled that the full loss should be paid to the families of the passengers who have lost their lives in this incident.

The judge announced in his ruling that inattention of the UIA was originated in the fact that, a few hours before flight 752, Iran had launched its missile attack against the American forces in Iraq and was in completely alert state for a reciprocal attack. This ruling was issued after a trial for 18 days in Toronto which ended in January, 2024.

In the same respect, Paul Miller, a representative of legal offices in Toronto, says, "This ruling was a strong message to the international airline companies to prioritize the safety of their passengers. Airlines should take necessary measures to prevent activity in the regions of clash."

It should be mentioned that the Islamic Republic of Iran had earlier held a court to put on trial the person in charge of downing the Ukrainian airplane and sentenced 10 of the guilty to prison. Iran has also paid $150 thousand per passenger to the bereaved families.

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