Jun 18, 2024 08:15 UTC
  • Iranian scientists succeed to make Boeing jet engine turbine blades

Pars Today - Iranian scientists, through making of jet engine blades, have revived more than 28 MD aircraft which had been crippled because of sanctions.

Two decades of imposition of the Western oppressive sanctions against Iran has motivated the Iranian experts to manufacture many of the highly sophisticated parts indigenously. According to Pars Today, Mani Rezvani, one of the directors of the knowledge-based company "Iranian", which is active in making aerial engine and equipment, said in an interview with Tasnim new agency, "Earlier, 40 MD Boeing airplanes were active in Iran, but after enforcement of an amendment, only 12 of them have been permitted to fly and others have become crippled! After this event, MAPNA Aerospace Company of Iran, relying on our own long record in casting of hot parts in the field of turbines of power-plants, and oil and gas industries, with reverse engineering, embarked on manufacturing blades of JT8D engines of MD Boeings inside the country."

He added, "The last phase of receiving certificate for this engine has been passed and, after issuance of the final license by Civil Aviation Organization, the mass production of blades will begin for installation of these parts on MD airplanes."

Rezvani stressed, "As an example, the price of the domestic product will be between $7-8 thousand, while the price of the foreign product is $22 thousand! In a long-term prospect, exports of these blades to the foreign markets, especially Russia and the Caucasus region, have been taken into consideration. Moreover, after reception of domestic certificates, negotiations will be started with foreign companies for export of a broad range of equipment."


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