Nov 19, 2023 07:13 UTC

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestine demonstrators held a huge protest rally in Yemen's capital city of Sana'a on Saturday against the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with Palestinians in the besieged territory.

"We took to the streets today in support of our brothers in Gaza. We stand with them with our hearts and with our funds, and God willing, we are coming to al-Aqsa to defeat the Zionist enemy who has violated the sanctities and committed crimes against children and civilians," a protester was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Another protester said, "The Yemeni people took to the streets today, continuing our support for our Palestinian brothers in the besieged Gaza Strip, who are being subjected to the most heinous forms of oppression, tyranny, and crimes, including bloodshed, by the Zionist aggressors. We took to the streets today to affirm that we are present and that we cannot remain silent about these crimes that shame humanity. These are crimes that no nation can stay silent about or tolerate."

The Yemenis' protest came as the Israeli regime continued is airstrikes on residential blocks in the south of Gaza, massacring scores of Palestinians.

Israel launched its genocidal war on the besieged coastal territory on October 7, cutting off water, food, medicines, fuel and power, while targeting Gaza's schools, hospitals, civilians' homes, and places of worship. That was the day when Gaza-based Palestinian resistance groups launched a surprise attack against the regime in response to decades of atrocities.