Mar 22, 2024 14:52 UTC
  • Yemen resistance leader calls Israel

Pars Today- Secretary General of Yemeni Ansarullah Movement on Thursday evening, saying that the massacre of Palestinians was preplanned, added "This massacre demonstrates the savagery of Zionists."

Abdulmalek Badreddin al-Houthi named the US the first supporter of the Zionists' crimes, saying, "The Israeli crimes in Gaza laid bare the moral decline and humane disintegration of the United States."

The Yemeni Ansarullah leader, describing Zionists as a danger for all mankind, reiterated, "Zionists are being trained from childhood with thoughts and methods based on which they love to murder Muslims."

Al-Houthi, referring to the supports of his country and the Resistance Front for the oppressed Palestinian nation, said, "The Armed Forces of Yemen have, so far, launched 479 missiles and drones towards Israeli targets and the Occupied Territories."

The Israeli regime, with the full support of Western countries, has launched an all-out carnage in Gaza Strip and the West Bank since October 7, 2023 against the defenseless and innocent Palestinian people.

The latest reports indicate that over 31 thousand Palestinians have been martyred and more than 74 thousand others have been injured in the attacks of Zionist regime to Gaza.

The core of the Israeli regime was shaped in 1917 with the scheme of the British colonialism and via forceful migration of Jews from different countries to Palestine and in 1948 the regime was officially fabricated.

Ever since, innumerable genocidal massacres have taken place and Palestinian territories have been usurped by occupiers.