Jun 15, 2024 08:21 UTC
  • Yemen targets 3 Israeli-linked ships with missiles
    Yemen targets 3 Israeli-linked ships with missiles

The spokesperson for Yemen's armed forces announced a successful attack on three ships serving the Zionist regime.

According to Pars Today, Yahya Saree said on Thursday night that the Yemeni army had carried out three military operations against ships linked to the Zionist regime in the past 24 hours, targeting the "Verbena", "Seaguardian", and "Athina" ships with missiles and drones.

The Yemeni army and popular committees have been targeting ships that are going to dock in the Occupied Territories and trading with the Zionist regime since the start of the Gaza war, in support of the Palestinian people against Zionist crimes, a move that has put significant pressure on the Tel Aviv economy.


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