Jun 21, 2024 08:21 UTC
  • A look at recent tensions between Lebanese resistance and Israel

A look at recent tensions between Lebanese resistance and Israel

Three officials of the American President, Joe Biden, administration have expressed concern over the impact of Netanyahu's actions on the relations between the two allies so that the result might be the destruction of Israel's power in the region, especially in the eyes of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran. According to Par Today, the Israeli media have reported that in view of Hezbollah's insistence on the unity of all fronts in the combat against the Zionist regime and continuation of support for the Gaza Strip, the American envoy, Amos Hochstein, left Lebanon to Tel Aviv with no achievement.

Distressed Hochstein returns from Lebanon to Tel Aviv after Hezbollah's emphasis on unity of fronts


Hochstein, a few days ago in a news conference after meeting with the Lebanese Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, had claimed that Washington seeks to prevent a greater war in the aftermath of the border clashes between Hezbollah and Israel.

The special envoy of the US president, in this conference, had described the condition as "dangerous" on the borders with Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Najib Mikati, Lebanese Prime Minister, in his meeting with Hochstein, said that first of all Israel should stop its invasion of Lebanon and continuous violation of the Lebanese sovereignty.

Mikati stresses the need to halt Israeli invasion of Lebanon


Mikati added, "We pursue the prevention of aggravation of tensions, restoration of security and stability, halting of continuous violation of Lebanon's sovereignty by Israel, and stopping criminal and destructive measures which Israel has launched in a systematic way."

Cypriot president: We are not a partner of the Israeli war    


The Cypriot President, too, in reaction to the recent warning of the secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah, has announced that his country would never be a partner in the Israeli war against Gaza and the south of Lebanon.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, has recently warned that if Cypress wants to let Israel use its airports and infrastructures, it would be a part of the war.

However, Lebanese news sources on Thursday informed of a new bombardment of some targets in the outskirts of al-Khiam town in southern Lebanon by Israeli fighters.

The Lebanese resistance, also, announced that it had carried out 9 operations on Wednesday against the positions and forces of Israel in the north of the Occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah has also launched missiles on the military bases of al-Ramsa, al-Samaqa, and Zabidn of the Israeli army on the heights of Kafr Shuba.

Given this, Lebanese sources announced on Thursday that the Israeli fighters had bombarded the heights of the al-Rayhan region in the south of Lebanon.

Hezbollah has targeted the military positions of the Zionist regime in the north of the Occupied Territories during the past months after the horrible crimes of the regime in the Gaza Strip and the genocide of the Palestinian people. This has caused much horror among the Zionist settlers.

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