Jan 27, 2023 09:20 UTC
  • Potential tank deliveries show West’s direct involvement in Ukraine war: Russia

Russia says it sees the promised delivery of Western tanks to Kiev as evidence of a direct and growing involvement by the United States and Europe in the Ukraine war.

According to Press TV, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov made the remarks on Thursday while reacting to announcements by the United States and Germany that they would arm Ukraine with dozens of battle tanks.

“There are constant statements from European capitals and Washington that the sending of various weapons systems to Ukraine, including tanks, in no way signifies the involvement of these countries or the alliance in hostilities in Ukraine,” he said.

“We categorically disagree with this, and in Moscow, everything that the alliance and the capitals I mentioned are doing is seen as direct involvement in the conflict. We see that this is growing,” Peskov added.

Ukraine has been seeking a considerable number of modern tanks to break Russia’s defensive lines. So far, Ukraine and Russia have been relying primarily on Soviet-era T-72 tanks.

President Joe Biden of the United States has said the tanks were needed to help the Ukrainians “improve their ability to maneuver in open terrain.”

Russian military commentators have focused much attention on the German-made Leopard tanks, which both Berlin and other European NATO members are set to send to Ukraine.

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russia's Security Council, has said, “The course of the special operation in Ukraine shows that the US and NATO intend to continue making efforts to drag out this military conflict and have become its participants.” He said “even with the end of the 'hot phase' of the conflict in Ukraine, the Anglo-Saxon world will not stop the proxy war against Russia and its allies.”

Defense analysts say the German tanks are a threat but not a game-changer. They say such a number of tanks is not capable of turning the tide on a large-scale front.