Mar 06, 2024 10:15 UTC
  • Palestine and the U.S. Holocaust machine
    Palestine and the U.S. Holocaust machine

PARS TODAY – From a Western point-of-view, establishment of the government of Israel in West Asia is the logical outcome of the suffering and injustice which the Jewish people had to bear during the "Holocaust".

But the story of the Holocaust is greatly exaggerated, and it is inextricably linked with Israel's raison d'être, interests of international Zionism and interests of Western countries. According to the West and to the Zionists themselves, the suffering which the Jewish people had to bear was inflicted on them by a West European country (namely Nazi Germany), but it is not at all clear why the Palestinians had to pay the price (and continue to pay this price up to present day) of wrongs committed long ago by Germany.

Effectively, the self-appointed champions of human rights highlighted and exaggerated just some of the crimes which had occurred during the Second World War, and chose not to highlight myriad others, for example the atomic bombing of Japan by the U.S. Air Force at the end of the Second World War.

Thus a pretext was created to occupy Palestine and expel the Palestinians from their homeland.  But the self-appointed champions of human rights never adopted such a stance with regards to numerous other egregious human rights violations.

Another example is the Korean war of the early 1950s, in which the United States was very much involved, when 800000 military personnel and one-and-a-half million civilian population of Korea was killed. However no human rights organization ever objected to this egregious killing and massacring of Koreans.

Korean War 

One US military commander, named Curtis Lemay, who participated in the Korean War described the carnage as thus: "We went there and we destroyed and burnt all North Korean cities. During three years or more of warfare, twenty percent (or one-fifth) of Korea's population was killed directly as a result of the war.

The US war machine once again went on the offensive during the 1950s, this time in Vietnam. During 20 years of warfare covering the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, at least two million civilians and over one million military personnel were slain by the US war machine. The self-declared champions of human rights, however, chose to remain silent.

Vietnam War

The US war machine also went on a killing spree in Iraq in 2003, using a lie about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction (which were never found) to unleash a brutal war which resulted in the killing of over a million innocent Iraqi civilians. The self-declared champions of human rights in the West, however, once again gave a muted response, since Western interests were best served by silence with regards to what was happening in Iraq.

Iraq War

Today a similar situation is seen in the Gaza Strip. A veritable genocide is taking place in Gaza, and world public opinion is very concerned about events unfolding there. But Western champions of human rights are again silent.

Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip

Humanitarian posturing by the United States is meant to reduce pressure by world public opinion. In actual fact, the US is directly involved in Israel's genocide of Palestinians of Gaza. The US has so far vetoed three UN Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and ending of hostilities there.

Algeria, representing Arab countries, presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Voting on this resolution took place on Tuesday (February 20, 2024) and 13 countries voted in favour of the resolution, but the United States vetoed it.

Let us not forget that the United States has vetoed many UN Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, and has poured plenty of money and military aid into Israel, thus becoming an accomplice in the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.