Apr 19, 2024 06:38 UTC
  • Why does the West sacrifice all of its credibility for Israel?
    Why does the West sacrifice all of its credibility for Israel?

Pars Today - One of the main reasons for the West's support of the Zionist regime is the geographic location of occupied Palestine in West Asia, which is strategically an important and sensitive region.

More than six months have passed since the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, and the Israeli forces continue their atrocities in Gaza and beyond, thanks to the support of the leaders and rulers of the West and America.

As history has shown us, the Zionist regime has been supported by Western countries, especially the United States, since its illegitimate establishment in 1948 after World War II. This support has continued over the years, and various reasons have been cited for it.

According to the announcement of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the total US aid to Israel between 1946 and 2023, adjusted for inflation, is estimated at $260 billion.

The Trump administration requested $3.3 billion in foreign military-financial assistance (equivalent to 59% of total foreign military-financial assistance) for the Zionist regime for the 2021 fiscal year (early October to September 30), meaning Israel receives more financial aid from the U.S. than all other countries combined.

Also, during the Obama administration, the US signed the third 10-year memorandum of understanding, under which Washington pledged to provide $38 billion in military-financial aid to the Israeli side from 2019 to 2028.

The CRS report states that for fiscal year 2023, Congress has allocated $3.8 billion plus an additional $98.58 million for "other defense and non-defense programs" to the Zionist regime. The US also provided $4.8 billion in aid to Israel in 2022. Washington has also given Israel much of its most advanced military technology, including a number of F-35 fighter jets.

Mohsen Rezaei


Mohsen Rezaei, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards during the Iran-Iraq War (Iran's defense against the invasion of the Ba'ath regime of Iraq), recently elaborated on the objectives of the hegemonic regime in supporting Israel.

Rezaei perceives the primary goal of the West as countering Islam as the main ideology opposing tyranny and supporting the oppressed, labeling the West's method in this regard as the 'hammer and anvil' policy; with Israel as the hammer and Western-affiliated governments in the West Asia region as the anvil. The colonial West aims to eliminate resistance from the Islamic nations of the region through these two means. Therefore, the primary objective is to counter Islam.

According to Rezaei, the second objective of the West is dominance over oil resources as a vital element of Western industry. Western policy has been to keep this region perpetually volatile and insecure by establishing Israel in West Asia, thereby hindering the development and industrialization of regional countries; they must keep the countries of this region insecure and underdeveloped to be able to exploit this oil for their industry; because if the countries of West Asia industrialize, no more oil will be exported from this region, and all oil will be consumed by West Asian countries. For example, if Iran's industrial chain, as an oil exporter, becomes complete, the country will even have to import one million barrels of oil.

The third objective of Western support for the Zionist regime is to utilize the geographical position of occupied Palestine in West Asia and maintain the bridge and gateway for the West to the East. Western powers do not want large countries in the region to obstruct their entry into the East. This region serves as a communication and penetration bridge to control China and Russia, and Israel can serve as a military and economic base for the West in the region to secure Western interests.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s remarks

In confirmation of this analysis, a video of remarks by "Robert F. Kennedy Jr.," a candidate for the 2024 US presidential election, has been released, revealing the objectives of US and Western support for Israel.

In the video, Kennedy says: "Israel is a bulwark for us... It’s almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. It's our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China, and BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the oil in the world and that would be cataclysmic for US national security."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


The remarks of this US presidential candidate indicate the objectives of the hegemonic regime's support for Israel and the fact that the Zionist regime can play an important role as an anti-development agent in line with the oil interests of the West, as well as a bridge and gateway, in securing Western interests.

Overall, it can be said that preventing the rise of large and historical countries, geographical position, natural resources, and strategic importance of the West Asia region, are the main reasons for Western support for Israel. It should be noted that America and part of the West support Israel for these reasons, not for defending the Jews.