Apr 19, 2024 08:40 UTC
  • Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband
    Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband

Pars Today- Former British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has recently said that this country has lost its influence after Brexit and turned just into one of the scores of middle powers in the world.

Miliband, who is currently the CEO of the International Rescue Committee, has said that to reverse the course of this decline, Britain must create new structures and commitments with the European Union in the field of foreign policy.

"Our relations are strong in NATO, but we have almost no relation with the EU", said he. Miliband also stated that in case of Donald Trump's election again in late this year, the trend of Britain's decline might be accelerated.

He maintains that even if Joe Biden becomes the victor for the second term, alarming signs persist on the US intention, patience and ability to present a strategic active and continuous leadership of the world.

As Guardian has reported, Miliband added that the EU, alongside sending arms to Ukraine, is hosting 6 million Ukrainian refugees and the main player of development, while attending the G20 and acting as a surveillance superpower in trade, climate, and digital fields. We need to change our mindset. We should know that the British policy on Russia has weakened apart from the EU and it will be less effective. It is the same on China, too.

Therefore, this British decision in 2019 to refrain from political relations and foreign policy relations with the EU must change. Structures and commitments should be created to advance cooperation and coordination in many common fields of foreign policy, defence, security and interests of development policy.

David Miliband, who was the foreign secretary from 2007- 2010 during the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown premierships, says that one of the illusions of Brexit was that the British destiny depends on its own decisions instead of the ability to interact and bargain with other countries.

He said, "Johnson administration has shown the danger that exists for the British policy-makers: the illusive thought on power and situation of Britain in the world which is under the dominance of the global increasing risks and powerful, cunning, skillful and occasionally looting countries and non-governmental players all of which are growing. We should perceive the realities of our own power as they are rather than what they were in the past.

We don't have the Saudi Arabian budget, the EU anchor in France, the Turkish regional activity and risking or the population power of India or Indonesia. We are one among a number of the "middle powers" in the world system.

Our wealth, military properties and reputation have decreased in the past decade compared with others. Our stance about vital interests from economy to weather crisis, national security and international development will become worse, unless we make an effort. The simple reason is that: the world is moving towards lack of a healthy equation and Britain stands on the wrong side of some of the key trends."