May 29, 2024 05:26 UTC
  • Global outrage against Israel/ New US weapons on way to Taiwan/ A look at world events

Pars Today- Thousands of people around the world from Berlin to Baghdad took to the streets to condemn the Zionist regime army’s brutal crime in Rafah and the massacre of displaced Palestinians.

The global outrage against Israel, the German army’s use of TikTok to recruit new troops, the US plan for sending new weapons to Taiwan, China’s step for increasing integration with South Korea and Japan and the initiation of campaigns in Libya to boycott Israel are a selection of world news in recent hours.

China’s step for increasing integration with South Korea and Japan

Chinese Premier, Li Qiang at the beginning of the ninth trilateral summit between China, South Korea and Japan on Monday (May 27) said his country calls for the comprehensive resumption of trilateral cooperation with South Korea and Japan.

US: Unlike Ukraine, we give Taiwan new weapons

US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, Michael McCaul in a meeting with president of the self-governing island of Taiwan, Lai Ching-te on Monday (May 27) said, Washington plans to provide Taiwan with the latest advanced weapons systems and that it will not deliver old arms to the island, like what it does to Ukraine. According to China, the US is the main cause of rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

German army’s use of TikTok to recruit new troops

The German army intends to use TikTok for videos of the platform for the recruitment of new troops as the app is popular among the youths. According to a spokesman for the German army, the initiative will begin with the implementation of a new program-based approach, with widespread recruitment across Germany at the end of this month.

Russia’s speculation about NATO’s attempt to carry out nuclear attacks

According to ISNA, Vladimir Kulishov, Head of Russia's Border Service and Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation said NATO is conducting nuclear strike drills near its border.

Global outrage against Israel

According to Mehr News Agency, people from all over the world launched spontaneous marches to condemn the recent Israeli occupation’s massacre in Rafah and called for an end to the Gaza war and the Zionist regime’s crimes in the coastal enclave. These protest marches were held in different cities, including Istanbul, Manchester, Baghdad and Berlin.

In its latest aggression in the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime in an overnight strike (May 27) bombed the tents and centers sheltering internally displaced people in northwestern city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. At least 50 Palestinians were martyred in this brutal attack.

Guterres reaction to Israeli attack in Rafah

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres on Monday (May 27) condemned the Zionist regime’s deadly attack on a camp of displaced people in Rafah and said there is "no safe place in Gaza".

Initiation of people’s campaigns against Israel in Libya

According to Tasnim, popular campaign movements to boycott the goods and products of the countries that support the Zionist regime are in progress in Libya robustly. In recent days, Libyan citizens, while boycotting the goods and products of countries that support the Zionist regime, have held anti-Zionist demonstrations and have demanded an end to the genocide of Palestinians.

Other news headlines:

  • Algeria's call for UNSC emergency meeting to investigate Israeli occupation’s Rafah massacre
  • Pakistan: Israel attack on Palestinian displaced in Rafah is humiliation of international law
  • Protesters set fire to vicinity of Israeli consulate in Turkey
  • Heavy Israeli attacks on Indonesian hospital in Gaza

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