Jun 12, 2024 13:16 UTC
  • Oxfam: Century's biggest crisis solvable with %3 of G7 military expenses

Pars Today- The charity institute, Oxfam, issuing a statement on the threshold of the G7 summit in Italy, announced, "Only 3 percent of the military expenses of this group can solve the food crisis and debt in the world."

The world is facing with the greatest global catastrophe of the century called, "hunger". According to Pars Today, for the first time during the recent decades, hunger and children's malnutrition are on the rise and millions of families on planet earth are trying to provide enough food for their children.

Oxfam added in the statement, Eradication of hunger in the world is in need of $31,7 billion, and this is while, the share of the G7 in reduction of debt of the poorest country is also $4 billion.

The budget predicted by Oxfam to fully remove hunger in the world is equal to %2.9 of the $1200 billion military expenses of the G7 in 2023.

The Oxfam statement also reads that, today, governments are generous for war and bloodshed, but when it comes to hunger, they suddenly go bankrupt.

Tomorrow (June 13), the annual summit of the G7 member states will be held in three days in Apulia, Italy, to appropriate the donated budget to the group. This group includes 7 industrial countries of the world, namely, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Britain and the US.

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