Jun 13, 2024 15:06 UTC
  • World Bank forecasts %5 growth for Iran's economy

The World Bank has forecast %5 economic growth for the Islamic Republic of Iran in the year 2024-2025.

This economic growth has been forecast by the World Bank while Tehran is tolerating the most ruthless sanctions imposed by Washington.

According to Pars Today, the economic growth of the Islamic Republic of Iran for 2024-2025 was announced %5 by the WB while it was %3.8 in 2022.

The International Monetary Fund, also, had just announced the increase of Iran's economic growth in its statistical information.

According to the statistics released by the IMF, Iran's economic growth has been 3.8 percent for the past three years which was 2.5 times more than the figure during the eight years before the period (2013- end of 2021).

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