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  • Forger of false news \\\
    Forger of false news \\\"Hamas\\\' rape\\\" turns out as fraudster

Pars Today- The Israeli lawyer, who had accused Hamas of systematic sexual violence on October 7, 2023, a few days after being rewarded the valid prize of the Zionist regime, has been charged with financial fraud and publication of false information by Israeli media.

Cochav Elkayam-Levy, Israeli lawyer, as the founder of the so-called civil commission "Hamas' crimes on October 7 against women and children", has been the main source of the Western news organizations and media which maintain that the Palestinians, during attack on Israeli military, had embarked on systematic rape in a broad scale.

Levy even appeared on a most-viewed and special program on CNN as a human rights expert who has formed a civil committee for recording of evidence. The Israeli daily Haaretz, also, issued an article about him wherein Levy fraudulently claims that his activities leave no doubt that Hamas combatants had committed systematic rape and sexual abuse on October 7.

Then on December 6, 2023, members of the White House National Security and Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Gender Policy Council, Jennifer Klein, hosted Levy in Washington to get informed on his activities to collect documents and evidence pertaining to the events of October 7 and making a comprehensive report on sexual violence of Hamas.

These very activities of Levy, eventually, caused to win the Zionist regime's prize, that is, the most valid prize that an Israeli citizen can receive from the regime.

Having won the prize on December 21, she said, "We must stand firmly against the severe denial and the increasing wave of anti-Semitism."

However, three days later, the biggest Israeli daily, Ynet, exposed a bitter reality. Levy had cheated her big sponsors, including one of the members of the Biden administration, with dissemination of fake stories about Hamas' crimes and reneging on her promise to present a report about sexual violence of this group on October 7!

One of the officials of the Israeli cabinet said to Ynet on the issue, "People have become distanced from her because his research has turned out to be false."

Israeli officials became angry, especially at Elkayam-Levy's false claims based on [Hamas] combatants' amputation of the fetus of a pregnant woman before raping her; a lie which had been claimed for the first time by Yossi Landau of the notorious institute (ZAKA). A Zionist official told Ynet, "It was proved that the story of the ripping open a pregnant woman's womb was false. He published this lie through the international press. It is not a joke. Professional people have gradually distanced from her because she is not reliable."

Levy has collected millions of dollars via her institute called Debora. But, as per the governmental sources, with swindling wealthy Jewish sponsors such as the current envoy of the Biden administration to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, she has transferred the whole collected money to her personal bank account.

Middle East Monitor: Israeli media questions awarding prize to fraudulent lawyer behind Hamas 'mass rape' allegations.


According to Ynet, quoting an Israeli official, Levy called for $8 million for launching of her "civil commission" and $5.1 million for "management and coordination". Rahm Emanuel gave her the money. Levy has asked for money from many people.

Nevertheless, after over 5 months of investigation, this boisterous lawyer, didn't present any valid document to justify the reception of an exorbitant amount of financial assistance. In fact, no report was presented about the "Report of Cruelty" which Levy had promised.

According to the reports, Levy has tried to prevent the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten's trip to the Occupied Territories. Levy's report, was eventually promoted by Israel as "proof" for Hamas' sexual crimes, while, Patten admitted that there is no document on its accuracy and it is devoid of any investigation value by the UN.

Levy's scandal occurs concurrent with the publication of a report on the New York Times which increases doubts about illusive claims on Hamas' systematic sexual violence on October 7.

According to the March 25 report in New York Times, an Israeli aid-worker introducing himself as "G" (Whose real name is Guy Melamed), mendaciously claimed that the bodies of naked teenage girls he had found in Kibbutz Beeri clearly show that they had been raped.

New York Times then announced, "The video taken by an Israeli soldier who was in Beeri on October 7… shows the bodies of three women with full clothes and there is no sign of sexual violence."

The Western media supporting Israel broadly published this big lie of rape and beheading before the Israeli attack on Gaza. People like Piers Morgan, the British anchor and journalist, too, were hell-bent on selling this lie in their talk-show program which faced with strong answers of analysts such as Professor Mohammad Marandi.