Jun 19, 2024 04:54 UTC
  • American think-tank angry at Yemenis\' success to disintegrate US spying network
    American think-tank angry at Yemenis\' success to disintegrate US spying network

Pars Today- The American think-tank, "Foundation for Defense of Democracy" showed its anger at Ansarullah's success to detain CIA spies in Yemen with repetition of the previous allegations to claim that these spies were the UN personnel.

The so-called "Foundation for Defense of Democracy" think-tank in the US, in a report, reacted to the obliteration of the American spying network in Yemen. According to Pars Today report, this think-tank wrote, "Major General, Abdul-Karim al-Khaiwani, Chief of Intelligence of Ansarullah, had said that this network had earlier been working outside the US embassy in Sanaa, and after closing the embassy in 2015, the spying network continued its acts of sabotage under the guise of international organizations and even under the title of the UN."

According to the report of this American think-tank, although Ansarullah has not yet mentioned the number of detainees, it has released videos showing the confessions of 10 people.

Jonathan Sayeh, research analyst at the FDD, has also repeated the allegations of the Westerners against Ansarullah while admitting that strict control of affairs is being done by this group to strengthen the axis of resistance.

It should be noted that the report of this think-tank has called the detentions of June 10, which occurred a few days after the arrest of nearly 15 employees of the UN and other international agencies by Ansarullah, a relevant event.

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