Mar 18, 2023 14:42 UTC
  •  Pakistan police raid Imran Khan's house after ex-PM heads to court

Pakistan’s police have raided the residence of former Prime Minister Imran Khan as he arrived in Islamabad to attend a court hearing over graft charges, officials from his political party said.

Police stormed the home of Khan in Lahore on Saturday and arrested 61 people, hours after his departure.

The former Pakistani Prime Minister was summoned by the court in relation to charges of unlawfully selling state gifts given to him by foreign dignitaries during his time in office.

According to senior officer Suhail Sukhera, police moved on the property to remove 'encroachments' and 'blockades' erected by Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf party and his supporters.

He said that Khan’s supporters tried to resist police by throwing stones and petrol bombs. He claimed that police entered Khan's residence after a man on the roof of the property started shooting.

Sukhera said police found masks, petrol-filled bottles, iron rods, and batons inside Khan's residence.

Security forces arrested many of his supporters and removed sandbag barricades and shipping containers installed by them outside his house.

Khan said in a Tweet on Saturday that his wife was at the property.

Khan also said that he expected to be arrested as he headed to Islamabad. The former PM also said that he was the target of a plot to stop him from standing in elections due by October.

"I am going to the Islamabad court right now. I want to tell you all that they have made a plan to arrest me," he said in a video message from the motorway.

"The point of their attack on my house was not to present me before the Islamabad court. The purpose was to put me in jail," he added.