Apr 17, 2024 12:25 UTC
  • Revisiting a question: Why did Daesh fight against the Resistance Axis and not Israel?

Pars Today - Taking advantage of the unfavorable economic conditions in the West Asia region and the experience of creating a guerrilla group against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, a terrorist group with trained and professional behaviors was created in West Asia, called Daesh. This group actually went to war with the communities and destruction of the Axis of Resistance, namely Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran, whose slogan was the expulsion of US military forces and bases from West Asia.

Investigations show that with the continuation of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians and the regime's tendency to expand the war in the region after the attack on Lebanon and Syria and the attack on the Iranian consulate, the similarity of its destructive behavior with the terrorist group Daesh is being raised by some.

This important challenge has now emerged as to whether Israel is seeking to complete the project of destroying the resistance in West Asia? A project that was previously carried out with Daesh.

Also, the famous question among some social media activists has been revived as to why Daesh, despite having an ideology with an apparently Islamic slogan, did not even fire a single bullet towards Israel, which was against Muslims?

Why was the target of what was called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria not some Arab countries like Jordan and the Zionist regime?

Examining the videos released by this outfit reveals the fact that this group can undoubtedly be considered the most professional terrorist group in filmmaking as well as media productions. The scenes of burning or killing people that were professionally filmed were reminiscent of Hollywood movie scenes.

Vehicle equipment and massive organization of the Daesh terrorist grouplet

The arrangement of these scenes required financial and media power that only large film and media companies could handle.

This means that a new version of terrorism with professional characteristics and financial, political and media support was formed with Daesh.

A new version that was supposed to complete terrorist groups like al-Qaeda to create chaos that, along with the destruction of the anti-colonial resistance movement, would provide a justification for the presence of some powers in the region.

Hillary Clinton in her book "Hard Choices" refers to the creation of chaos in some parts of the world as "Constructive Chaos". In another speech, she admits that Daesh is an American idea and plan for this purpose, i.e. the creation of Constructive Chaos, a statement that has always been criticized by Trump.

This terrorist group had many differences with the previous models of terrorist groups in the region, of course, new missions were also defined for this group.

An example of Daesh bombing in Nineveh city, Iraq

Although Daesh was a continuation of the model of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda in the region to justify the expansionist policies and the presence of America, it was also employed to justify the severe violence against Muslims by presenting a harsh definition of the family-oriented religion of Islam to the world.

In addition, Daesh targeted two highly important and strategic countries in the West Asian Resistance discourse which are very effective in the depth of Arab and Islamic countries, namely, Syria and Iraq; though Lebanon and some other regional countries and ultimately Iran were the target.

In this intricate scheme, it was seen that Syria as one of the main rings of Resistance Front in West Asia had to use its ability for internal affairs and confrontation of terrorist groups so that the environment surrounding the Zionist regime as the main ally of the West, would remain in full security.

The aim of creating Daesh was to complete the schemes and programs which had been named as the "New Middle East" by some world powers in 2000 to change the regional geography.

In this scheme, countries were to be separated that had approaches opposite to the US interests.

What astounded many people was that, why Daesh kills Muslims in the name of Islam, but the Jewish Zionists are not its enemies?

One of the measures broadly taken by Daesh was to destroy historical mosques and religious sites in Iraq and Syria

In fact, in forging of groups like Daesh, there was a principle that no harm would be afflicted on the US. Thus, Daesh waged war and wreaked destruction and carnage in Iraq and Syria and at times in Lebanon, but it never stepped in Israel and didn't shoot a single bullet towards it or its regional ally like Jordan.

Nevertheless, everything had been calculated in creation and exploitation of Daesh except the deterrent factor and the factors which, as a new equation, were able to destroy the whole political behavior and approach of the fabricators of Daesh.

In view of this, new models of confronting Daesh were shaped impacted by Iran's discourse to focus on Resistance and the region. Models like the popular Resistance forces in Iraq and Syria alongside the armies of these two countries and the Resistance forces of Lebanon, with military consultations of Iran and famous commanders like Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, succeeded to smash the geography of Daesh state forever; although it has been stressed since then that the permanent overthrowing and collapse of Daesh requires to annihilate the intellectual and ideological grounds of this terrorist group which are theorized by some outwardly Islamic countries that are the allies of the US.

Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, the main Commander of Resistance Axis against Daesh, alongside the popular Iraqi and Syrian resistance forces

This article was adopted from a column by Mehdi Azizi and was published by Mehr News website.