May 25, 2024 14:03 UTC
  • European students' message:

Pars Today- The suppression of the European students criticizing the war on Gaza and the regime which has occupied Palestine, on the verge of holding European Parliament election, has created an unprecedented situation in the geostrategic field. This situation can have an impact on the infrastructure of governance in Europe.

While the EU senior officials, within the short time till holding of the European Parliament election, are doing their best to direct the great capacity of the young generation in their countries towards what they call as electoral democracy, the police savagery and all-out support of the Western governments for detention and beating of students have shaped important questions in the minds of the citizens of France, Germany, the Netherlands and so on.

The fact is that the Zionist lobbies in Europe, which are mainly composed of the two "Zionist-Social Democratic" and "Zionist-Conservative" lobbies, have issued the order of crackdown on students to the security and political apparatuses of the relevant countries while they are supervising the process.

Basically, making anti-Zionism synonymous with anti-Semitism by the Western judicial and intelligence services, has been done in the same domain. The more important point is that, generally, secret and explicit currents of power in Europe do not let any anti-Zionist party emerge and only authorize any socio-political activity in their countries with the condition of the unwritten, but tangible, acceptance of some orders and commitments based on observing these redlines.

Everyone remembers that when extremist nationalist currents emerged in the West, some thought that, regarding the historical record of these groups, they would adopt stances against Zionism and confrontation with Israel would be a part of their statute in the political and international arena.

Yet, during the recent war on Gaza, people like Marion Le Pen, former President of the National Front in France, and Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister, just like politicians affiliated with traditional currents (such as Macron and Sholtz), turned into supporters of genocide in Gaza.

This trend continued to the extent that, during the recent voting in the UN General Assembly for recognition of the independent Palestinian country, the Hungarian government stood beside the US and gave a negative vote to the resolution.

European students, even those who have not entered directly in the field of supporting Palestine, have unanimously reached the point that Zionism, not only as a dark redline but also as a part of the ruling system has been accepted in the West.

The European leaders have inserted support for the very entity and performance of Zionists in their major security policies. Accordingly, they suppress even their citizens on charges of opposition to the barbarity of the occupying Zionist regime.

Surely, one of the most important concerns of the new generation in Europe has been focused on this very change of ruling model; where even the change of power equations in the traditional parties to "new critics" has failed to meet the needs of the youth to absolute independence from Israel and the US.

The outcome of the uprisings of students, not only in the US but also in Europe, will be concentrated on new models of governance. Illustration and putting into action of these models is done based on "structural transition" and "change of governance structure" rather than "change of players"!

One of the main reasons of the common perplexity of the European parties in the face of the uprisings of students is that the owners of power have realized this reality.

What has disturbed the strategists and pundits supporting the present model of governance in Europe is the important feature that these uprisings are unlimited and are rapidly spreading in the future.

If the West had considered these uprisings as emotional, it might have been self-restrained against them. But the all-out and explicit crackdown on these protests showed that the West has understood their fundamental difference from the past. This understanding, instead of leading to the admonition of European leaders and politicians from the current realities in the international system, has turned into a kind of fear of structural destruction and annihilation which is not that far.

Source: Momen, Navid, 2024. Students shoot at the Western governance. Vatan Emrooz daily

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