Apr 12, 2024 12:59 UTC
  • Top US officials, main actors in the coup attempt 20 years ago in Venezuela / Lessons for the world

Pars Today - According to a report by The Guardian, the failed 2002 coup in Venezuela was closely linked to senior officials in the US government.

The Americans, according to historical evidence, have a long history of "dirty wars" in the 1980s and have forged deep ties with death squads and torturers who were active in Central America at the time.

Washington's involvement in the turbulent events of April 2002, which briefly ousted popular Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez from power, keeps alive the fear of US ambitions in Latin America.

It also deepens skepticism about US policymaking in the Latin American region.

The Bush administration, the bloodthirsty US president in Iraq snd Afghanistan, immediately endorsed the new coup-installed government led by a businessman named Pedro Carmona. But the will of the Venezuelan people caused the American coup to be remarkably defeated after 48 hours.

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela from 1999 until 2013

At the time, the Americans had meetings with Venezuelans planning the coup, including Carmona himself, "for months before" and these meetings continued up until weeks before the coup attempt.

According to The Guardian, the director of the US Office of Public Diplomacy, a senior National Security Council official, Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Honduras who later became US ambassador to the UN, along with the US ambassador in Caracas, were identified as the main actors in this coup.

Congressional investigations showed that the Bush administration had drawn up a larger budget for fomenting unrest in Venezuela. Ultimately, in less than a few days, more than 100 people lost their lives in the events before and after the US-backed coup in Venezuela.

A senior Chavez ideologue and one of his directors said that the anti-Chavez generals, some local media, and anti-Chavez groups in the United States had designed the plan to oust the president.