Apr 13, 2024 14:20 UTC
  • AMIA Case: The Story of Israel's Infiltration in Argentine Judiciary System and anti-Iran Propaganda

Pars Today- 18th of July 1994, a great building belonging to Jews in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was targeted with a blast operation causing death of 85 and injury of more than 300 people. Several years after the event, with the efforts of Israel many documents and evidences were raised against Iran which were known to be bogus and false in the most flagrant way. But, the efforts to demonstrate the Islamic Republic as the culprit in the event have not been stopped by Zionists and their agents.

Immediately after the explosion in two centers named, Mutual Israeli- Argentine Association (AMIA) and Delegation of Israeli-Argentine Associations (DAIA), the officials of the Zionist regime called Iran as the perpetrator of the blasts and then, through numerous rallies in front of the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires, tried to strongly affect the media atmosphere with their propaganda.


Zionist judge

The case was given over to Juan Jose Galeano, the Argentinian Federal judge, but this Argentinian judge's performance in making a spurious case against the Islamic Republic of Iran, bribing those who feigned witnesses of the case and his other relevant measures caused Galeano, who had been included in 11 allegations during his own document-forgery, to be dismissed by the Argentinian Supreme Council of Judges on August 3, 2005 and his license to judge was annulled.

Dismissal of Judge Galeano clearly showed the mendacity of all allegations which he had raised, during 11 years of working on AMIA case, against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nationals.

Of course, it is clear that Galeano was not the only representative of the influential Israeli current in the Argentine judiciary with regards to AMIA case and his omission has not stopped the trend of raising anti-Iran allegations.      
Juan Jose Galeano, during examining the case, had forced a few people to vote incognito in his favour based on Iran's involvement in the incidence of explosions among whom mention can be made of one of the defendants of AMIA case and some of the Iranian defectors.

Galeano, in addition to jailing four innocent Argentine officers for 8-10 years with regards to AMIA case, paid $400 thousand as bribe to a dealer of stolen cars on behalf of the Argentinian intelligence service for him to confess at court that he had given a mini-truck to members of the Lebanese Hezbollah to act as Iran's agent in bombing.

This Argentinian judge, also, in 2003 issued an international verdict for arresting of 8 Iranian diplomats, including Iran's former ambassador to Buenos Aires, Hadi Soleimanpour, which led to his arrest on August 21 the same year in Durham, England. But, as the documents presented by Judge Galeano were not accepted by the British judiciary courts, he was freed on September 12 with bail and, eventually, the British court on November 13, 2003 issued the final verdict based on the innocence of Iran's ex-ambassador to Argentina and the case was officially ended.

This judiciary verdict is one of the clearest documents indicating that 6,000 pages of documents presented by Galeano to the British court to prove the Iranian diplomat's guilt in the AMIA case was hollow and fake and implies the influence of Zionists on the Argentine judiciary system.

The Chief Rabbi of Argentina (left) alongside Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, and his wife Sara, at an event to promote the Amia issue

Exposure of false Israeli claims

Although with giving the responsibility of the case over Judge Canico Bacural disclosed the forgery of the case's content and anti-Iran allegations, on May 21, 2006 the Argentinian government, under the Zionist associations (AMIA and DAIA) and a newly formed group composed of the families of victims, set up the court of appeals in a bid to annul the verdict exonerating those accused in the AMIA blast. Yet, interestingly, the court having heard the speeches of the plaintiffs and their lawyers, approved the verdict of the former court on exoneration of the accused and also the indictment against the Argentinian government and Juan Jose Galeano, and once again nullified the false claims of the Zionist institutions. 

Members of Interpol votes in favor of Iran

After Argentina's protest in 2004, which postponed the decision-making on this matter to the annual general assembly of Interpol in October 2005, this time too, the president of Interpol, by announcing that the Argentine judge had committed misconduct in the investigation of the Amia case, effectively rejected all the allegations about the involvement of certain Iranian nationals in this explosion. 

In this session, 95 out of 100 Interpol member countries voted in favor of Iran. In this session, 95 out of 100 Interpol member countries voted in favor of Iran. Nonetheless, the political pressures from the United States and Israel on the Argentine government regarding this matter are widely acknowledged by many.


Failing to provide a single document

Although the Amia case has caused a great deal of controversy in the world, despite the change of several judges for this case, no evidence or documents have been obtained against Iran in all the relevant courts. 

Due to non-legal and completely political reasons, this case has been kept open, but whenever Israel comes under pressure from Iran, it tries to raise the Amia case again, and some of the world's powers such as the United States also help to keep this case alive, so that Iran can be pressured through some international bodies. 

On the other hand, it cannot be accepted that a country like Iran would carry out two explosions in a region and within a short time frame, especially when not only the timing of these operations was not very appropriate, but also better locations with greater news coverage, such as Israeli embassies in many countries, could have been targeted for such operations.


The high influence of Zionism 

General Vahidi, who was appointed as the head of the Strategic Defense Center after completing his service in the Iranian Ministry of Defense, provided an overview of how to deal with this case in an interview with Taraz magazine.

According to his investigations, whenever Argentina has sought to expand its relations with Iran, and whenever Israel has come under pressure from the world community due to its child killings and crimes, it has resorted to this big lie. 

Even when Argentina declared that they had asked Israel for documents, but they had none, and since there had been another explosion against Israel before Amia, Argentina asked why they were not following up on that. Of course, no one in the world has accepted this false case of the Zionists. The Zionists have gained high influence in Argentina.


MKO terrorists

Also, according to the statement of Alía, the president of the Argentine Workers' Union, several years ago, the people of Argentina became interested in uncovering the truth of the "Amia" issue, but according to him, the heavy propaganda of the Zionist lobby and organized anti-Iranian groups such as the terrorist group MKO have prevented the truth from being revealed. Based on his investigations, US officials are surprisingly involved in this matter and even dismiss judges who oppose their views.