May 29, 2024 13:19 UTC
  • Popularity of Iranian poetry in Russia / Russian writer: Iranian and Russian cultures integrate one another

Pars Today- A group of Russian writers, during a recent visit to IRNA news agency, said that the Iranian and Russian cultures are complementary to each other.

Alina Sherbanova, representative of the Russian book union, during the visit, praised the rich Iranian history and culture and said, "Russian writers and publishers are ready to have more consultations with their Iranian counterparts to develop cultural cooperation in a bid to provide the ground for further familiarity of the two nations with each other."

Strengthening of cultural commonalities between Iran and Russia

Another visitor was the Russian writer, Pavel Krasnov, who praised the Iranian students' tendency to learn Russian language and culture. He deemed it as necessary to bolster cultural cooperation between the two counties given their cultural commonalities.

A group of Russian writers visiting IRNA news agency 

Russian interested in Iranian poets

Sergey Nosov, another Russian writer, during the visit, pointing to the great renown and popularity of two Iranian poets, namely, Abulqasem Ferdowsi and Omar Khayyam, in Russia, said, "Iranian poet, Khayyam, is as popular among the people as a national Russian poet."

Referring to the usage of the Russian people of Khayyam's poems in daily conversations, he added, "Good translations of Khayyam's works and poems into Russian have turned him into a part of the Russian culture and literature."

Further convergence of Iranian and Russian peoples through translation of literary works

Yevgeni Krimchokhov, another Russian writer and poet, said during the visit, "The translation of Farsi literary works into Russian and translation of Russian literary works into Farsi can enhance cultural richness in the two countries and bring the hearts of our people closer together."

Iranians interested in Russian language and literature

During the visit, Reza Khoshlahjeh Yazdi, director general of foreign news department in IRNA, also, said that Iranians are interested in familiarity with Russian language and literature. This activist in media and cultural fields said that development of cultural ties will set the ground for strengthening of political and economic relations of Iran and Russia, and reiterated that holding of joint exhibitions and translation of the works of writers of the two countries will be effective in this respect.


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