May 15, 2024 05:25 UTC
  • Social media X users demand Israel's ban from Paris Olympics

Pars Today - Some social media X users have criticized the West's double standards in imposing sanctions on some independent countries like Russia, and are now emphasizing the need to ban Israel from participating in the Olympics.

Activists on X (formerly Twitter) have reacted to Israeli regime's crimes against the Palestinian people by calling for the regime's ban from the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Below are 8 selected tweets on this topic:

1- Genocide is not an Olympic sport

A user named 'IL Libanese' has referred to the protests by Palestine supporters in front of the headquarters of the 2024 Paris Olympics Organizing Committee and wrote:

"Genocide is not an Olympic sport." Pro-Palestinian protesters outside the headquarters of the organising committee for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, calling for Israel to be banned from the Olympics: "Boycott Israel at the Paris Olympics!" "Genocide is not an Olympic sport", "No Olympics for those who commit genocide".

2-No to the presence of genocide perpetrators in the Olympics

Another user named 'Hind Belattar' emphasized the need to ban Israel from participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

She wrote: “No to the presence of perpetrators of genocide in the Olympic Games, Boycott Israel.”

3- The Olympics is a place for respecting others, except criminals

British user 'Greville Mills' considered Israel's participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics to be contradictory to the slogan of this sporting event.

He wrote:There is one thing we can do- #BDS because they rely on sales to the rest of the world; Boycott social and cultural exchanges to isolate them. Ban Israel from Olympic Games because it is only nations who want to live in harmony and respect with others who should be involved!”

4- Athletes should take action to boycott Israel

A user named 'Ray Ray Ramone' referred to the refusal of athletes from some countries to face Zionist representatives.

He wrote: “Israel will soon be banned from participating in any sport globally.

So make the most of it Champ... Just watch what happens at the Paris Olympics later this year...if countries won't boycott bc of Israel's attendance..the athletes will.”

5- Expel all Zionist regime sports teams

Manik, another user on social network X, has demanded the expulsion of all Zionist regime sports teams from sporting competitions.

He wrote: “Kick #Israeli teams out of all sport events! Boycott #Israel!”

6- Any interaction with Israel must be boycotted

A user named 'Iparra' expressed horror at befriending murderers and accomplices to genocide, and called for a sports boycott of Israel.

He wrote: “Boycott Israel any cultural, sports, economic, social interaction... I cannot be friendly with genocidal murderers and collaborators.”

7- If Israel participates in the Olympics, it's a shame for the sports world

A User called 'Rules' introduced Israel as a Nazi, terrorist, and Zionist regime that should be banned from participating in the Olympics.

He wrote: “Israel must be banned from the Olympics. Israel is a terrorist Zionist Nazi CULT REGIME, committing GENOCIDE IN Gaza. SHAME on the world of sports.”

8- If Russia is banned from the Olympics, then Israel should be banned too

An Australian user 'Paul' criticized the West's double standards in imposing sanctions on some independent countries, and emphasized the need to ban Israel from participating in the Olympics, football, and all international sports.

HW wrote: “If Russia is banned then so to Nazi Israel.”