May 24, 2024 15:18 UTC
  • Black Jews sacrificed for white Jews: Israel sends Ethiopian Jews to be sacrificed in war!
    Black Jews sacrificed for white Jews: Israel sends Ethiopian Jews to be sacrificed in war!

Pars Today- It is quite known to the world that Israel is an apartheid and racist regime and an example of this racist discrimination is being enforced towards the Falash Jews of an Ethiopian origin.

The attraction of Jews of other countries to reside in the Occupied Palestine is among the most important missions of the Israeli regime.

The defeats and debacles of the Zionist regime in military operations, mainly stemming from fear and loss of spirit among the soldiers, has caused the regime to deploy Falash Jews (originally from Ethiopia), who enjoy lower life conditions and social rights, to war fronts and most dangerous regions.

Generally speaking, other Jews attach little importance to these African Jews and, apart from discrimination, consider them defective in terms of humanity.

For instance, after the Jews went to the hospitals in the Occupied Palestine for blood donation, Israelis were not willing to use their blood and believed that their blood probably contained numerous viruses.

Most white Israelis do not consider Falash community as Jews, yet, their regime resorts to them in the toughest phases of the Israelis' life.

The Israeli regime in 1970, with the aim of increasing its population, recognized Falash community as Jews to encourage them to migrate to the Palestinian territories.

Very low living conditions and poverty in Ethiopia have caused many of the Falash Jews to leave for the Occupied Palestine and take over tough duties in the Zionist regime army.

 According to the statistics, nearly 160 thousand Ethiopians are living in the Occupied Palestine as Israelis.

The continuation of war in Gaza has caused numerous political and social crises inside "Israel" and Israelis have become certain that the Occupied Palestine is not a safe place.


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