Jun 17, 2024 13:21 UTC
  • Revelation by a Zionist military officer: Israeli forces' military discipline is collapsing

Pars Today - A high-ranking Israeli military officer has admitted that the regime army is not prepared to continue the war in the Gaza Strip.

As time passes since the start of Israel's attacks on Gaza, the dimensions of this regime's inability to continue the war against Palestinian resistance are becoming increasingly clear.

According to Pars Today, a high-ranking Israeli officer pointed to the weaknesses of the Israeli army, saying: "Our forces are moving around on rooftops, near windows, and inside houses like ducks in a shooting range."

The officer added that Israeli military convoys in Gaza have no support and, based on some facts, Israel is not prepared for war in Gaza.

Earlier, a member of the Knesset, also confessed to the Zionist regime's failure in managing the Gaza war and said: "Weak and failed management has led us to the worst strategic situation; a situation we have never experienced before."

Meanwhile, Israel's Channel 12 TV network, regarding the progress of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine,Hamas, has also admitted that the movement has been able to rebuild itself in the Gaza Strip.

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