Jun 13, 2024 15:16 UTC
  • A Canadian institution warned: There is a possibility of civil war in the US

The Canadian think tank, "Policy Horizons Canada", has warned Ottawa to prepare for the consequences of a potential civil war scenario in the United States.

In a 37-page report, the think tank stated that "if ideological divisions in the United States increase and democracy weakens, internal tensions could lead to a civil war in America." 

According to a report by Pars Today magazine, other scenarios have also been proposed for the United States, including the spread of locally-made biological weapons and famine.

The American publication Politico writes in this regard:

"It's alarming to realize that our neighbor, Canada, is worried about violent incidents happening in our own home! The Canadian report is shocking! This is not a fantastical report from a Republican or Democratic party, but a warning from a foreign government and friend that is concerned about the consequences of the national divide in American society."

Politico then asks, "How seriously should people in both the US and Canada take this report?" The report has reviewed the opinions of hundreds of experts and government officials on the potential devastating events that Canada may need to prepare for. It then ranked the scenarios based on their likelihood, speed, and potential disruption.

For months, Western security institutions and think tanks, especially those in the US, have been warning about the possibility of a civil war in the country.

The evidence suggests that the US is transitioning from a "cold civil war" to a "hot civil war". The "cold civil war" began years ago, even before Trump's presidency in January 2017, when American conservatives and liberals abandoned political tolerance and began to physically eliminate each other from the US political scene.

The likelihood of a "hot civil war" in the US also intensified with the storming of the US Congress by Trump supporters in January 2021.

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